KRU sends 270 employees’ children to Pearl of Russia on Black Sea

KRUKuzbassrazrezugol–known as KRU–sent 270 of its employees’ children on a three-week trip to the Pearl of Russia, a top resort on the Black Sea coast, last Thursday.

The children will participate in the company’s summer recreation program as part of KRU’s newly-developed social policies aimed at providing recreational opportunities for the families of deceased employees and single parents. Accordingly, KRU contributed 80 percent of the cost for each child’s travel and stay at the resort.

In total, KRU has contributed $24.6 million towards the vacation, where children will have the opportunity to relax and receive spa services at the Black Sea, which has been rated as one of best Russian spas of 2013.

Since launching the program, KRU has sent more than 1,000 children on summer vacation.

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